Monday, October 8, 2012

Building Components: Floor Structures.

Floors are the horizontal elements which divide the building into different levels for the purpose of creating more accommodation within a restricted space one aboye the other and provide support for the occupanis, furniture and equipment of a building.

The floor of a building immediately above the ground is known as ground floor. All other floors which are above the ground floor are known as the upper floors. The floors of the first storey is known as the first floor and that of the second storey is known as the second floor etc, etc. In case, part of ihe buĂ­lding is constructed below the ground level, or the building has the basement, the floor is known as basement floor.

Every floor has a structural component: (i) the sub-floor, which is a structural component to impart strength and stability to support the super-imposed loads and  (ii) floor covering  or flooring consisting of suitable florr finish.

Floor area is usable covered area of a building  at any floor level.

Floor area ratio  (F.A.R)  is defined as the quotient obtained by dividing  the total covered area (plinth area)  on all floors and 100  by the area  of the plot.

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