Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Building Components: Roof structures.

A roof is the upper most part of a building. It is a covering provided on the top of the building with a view to keep out ram, snow, Sun and wind and to protect the building from their adverse effects. Just as a floor, a roof consists of two componcnts : (i) The roof decking and (ii) ihe roof covening. Roof decking is a structural component which supports the roof covening. Roof decking may be either flat or sloping, and may be in the form of flat slab, dome, truss, portal or shell. The roof covering or rooflng is provided on the roof deck to safeguard the building against weather effects. These may be in the form of tiles, thatch covering, slates, flagslone coveríng, and corrugated sheets of galvanised iron or asbestos cement.

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