Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Building Finishes.

Building finishes are used to give protective covering lo various building components, and at the same time, they provide decorative effects. Building fmishes consists of the following items:

(i) Plastenng
(ii) Pointing
(iii) Painting
(iv) Varnishing and polishing
(v) White washing
(vi) Distempering
(vii) Colour washing or colounng.

Plostenng consisis of providing a ihin ctwering of plastic materials such as ement mortar, lime mortar etc. on walls, columns and other surfaces. PoĆ¼umg is the process of finishing of mortar joinis in brick or stone rnasoniy. Painting vamishing and polishing is normally done on doors, windows and other timher and steel componenis. White washin& distemperingandcoIczurwahingetc. are doneon plastered surfaces, lo safegaurd them against weathering effects and to improve the appearance.

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