Thursday, October 25, 2012


The various methods of site exploration may be grouped as follows:

1. Open excavations. Trial pits are tho cheapest method of exploration in shallow deposits, since these can be used in all types of soils. In this method ....

2. Borings. The following are the various boring methods commonly used:(i) Auger boring.(ii) Auger and shell boring.(iii) Wash boring.(iv) Percussion boring.(v) Rotary boring ....

3. Sub-surface soundings. The sounding methods consist of measuring the resistance of the soil with depth by means of penetrometer under static or dynamic loading. The penetrorneter may consist of a sampling spoon, a cone or other shaped tool. The resistance to penetration is empirically correlated with some of the engineering properties of soil, such as density index, consistency, bearing capacity etc. The value of these tests lie in the amount of experience behind them ....

4. Geo-physical methods. Geo-physical methods are used when the depth of exploration is very large, and also when the speed of investigation is of primary importance. Geo-physical investigations involve the detecttion of significant differences in the physical properties of geological formations.

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