Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The method of installing a pile at a site depends upon the type of pile. The equipment required for this
purpose varies. The following types of piles are normally considered for the purpose of installation

1. Driven piles
The piles that come under this category are,

a. Timber piles,
b. Steel piles, H-section and pipe piles,
c. Precast concrete or prestressed concrete piles, either solid or hollow sections.

2. Driven cast-in-situ piles
This involves driving of a steel tube to the required depth with the end closed by a detachable conical tip.

The tube is next concreted and the shell is simultaneously withdrawn. In some cases the
shell will not be withdrawn.

3. Bored cast-in-situ piles
Boring is done either by auguring or by percussion drilling. After boring is completed, the bore is concreted with or without reinforcement.

⇒ Pile Driving Equipment for Driven and Driven Cast-in-situ Piles 

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