Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A spread footing for a single column is either known as the isolated footing or pad footing. The base area A such a footing is given by

where P is the total load transmitted by the column, including that of the footing an qs is the safe bearing pressure for the soil.

(a) Simple pad footing. If P is small, or qs is large, A will also be small. In tha case, the footing may consist of simple concrete block projecting out from the column face on all sides. The shape of the footing is generally kept the same as....

(b) Stepped pad footing. If the column load is more, or if the safe bearing pressure of the soil is less, the base area found by Eq 3.5 will be large (much greater than b + 2a). In that case, it is necessary to provide masonry offsets, to achieve....

(c) Footings for reinforced concrete colums. Reinforced concrete columns are supported on reinforced concrete footings

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