Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Simple Strip Footing.

(Fig. 3.2 a) ,When the wall carries light loads or when the safe bearing pressure is very high, the width of the footing found from the above expression would be very small. In that case, a simple strip footing.such as the one shown in Fig. 3.2 (a) is provided. The wall directly rests on the concrete base, and no masonry offsets are provided since spread is not required. However, the concrete base should project out by value a on either side of the wall face, where the value of offset a may vary from 1O to 2O cm. As a thumb rule, the width of concrete base should not be less than twice the width of the wall. The thickness of concrete block should at least be equal to offset a in the case of cement concrete and 3/2 a in the case of lime concrete base.


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