Ultimate Bearing Capacity qu in Purely Cohesionless and Cohesive Soils Under General Shear Failure.

Equations for the various types of footings for (c - Ø) soil under general shear failure have been
given earlier. The same equations can be modified to give equations for cohesionless soil (for c = 0)
and cohesive soils (for Ø = 0) as follows.

It may be noted here that for c = 0, the value of Nc = 0, and for Ø=0, the value of NC = 5.7 for a strip footing and Nq = 1.

a) Strip Footing

b) Square Footing

c) Circular Footing 

d) Rectangular Footing

Similar types of equations as presented for general shear failure can be developed for local shear failure also.

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