Monday, December 3, 2012

Casing Method of Construction - Drilled Pier Foundations.

The casing method is applicable to sites where the soil conditions are such that caving or excessive soil or rock deformation can occur when a hole is drilled. This can happen when the boring is made in dry soils or rocks which are stable when they are cut but will slough soon afterwards. In such a case, the bore hole is drilled, and a steel pipe casing is quickly set to prevent sloughing. Casing is also required if drilling is required in clean sand below the water table underlain by a layer of impermeable stones into which the drilled shaft will penetrate. The casing is removed soon after the concrete is deposited. In some cases, the casing may have to be left in place permanently. It may be noted here that until the casing is inserted, a slurry is used to maintain the stability of the hole. After the casing is seated, the slurry is bailed out and the shaft extended to the required depth.

Figures 17.7(a) to (h) give the sequence of operations. Withdrawl of the casing, if not done carefully, may lead to voids or soil inclusions in the concrete, as illustrated in Fig. 17.8.

Figure 17.7 Casing method of construction: (a) initiating drilling, (b) drilling
slurry; (c) introducing casing, (d) casing is sealed and slurry is being removed
interior of casing (continued)

Figure 17.7 (continued) casing method of construction: (e) drilling below casing
(f) underreaming, (g) removing casing, and (h) completed shaft (O'Neill and
Reese, 1999)

Figure 17.8 Potential problems leading to inadequate shaft concrete due to
removal of temporary casing without care (D'Appolonia, et al., 1 975)


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