Monday, December 31, 2012

Concrete Piles - Uses.

Concrete piles are generally used to transfer loads through an unsuitable bearing material to a deeper load-bearing strata. This is achieved either by skin friction and end bearing or end bearing alone (see Fig. 9.34).

There are many different types and systems of piles,  however the main types are:

(1) Driven precast piles.
(2) Driven cast in situ piles.
(3) Bored piles.
(4) Augered piles.

These piles can also be divided into either displacement or replacement methods dependent on the system of driving, i.e. either removal of material, termed  replacement, or  wedging apart of material, termed  displacement. Typical examples of these types are shown in Fig. 9.35.

Fig. 9.34 Typical concrete pile.

Fig. 9.35 Concrete pile types.

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