Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Concrete Strips – Plain and Reinforced.

The concrete strip footing replaced the corbelled masonry in more recent constructions. In plain (unreinforced) strip footings the thickness is determined by the requirement for the line of dispersion to pass through the side of the footing as shown in Fig. 9.1. The width of the trench must also allow working space for the bricklayers to build the masonry off the footing.

The profile of the reinforced concrete strip is similar to the unreinforced strip except that it can generally be made thinner in relation to its projections since it no longer relies upon an approximate 45° line of load dispersion. The strip is often reinforced with a fabric or lattice reinforcement.

The longitudinal bars are the main bars selected to suit the longitudinal bending expected on the strip and the cross bars designed to cater for the cantilever action on the projections (see Fig. 9.4).

Fig. 9.1 Typical strip footing.

Fig. 9.4 Reinforced strip footing.

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