Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Deep Mass Concrete Pads.

Deep mass pads consist of mass concrete pads cast with their soffit at depths in excess of 1.5–2 m. They are generally used where a suitable ground bearing strata is relatively deep and where the piling alternative is more expensive, i.e. a small number of pads are required or access for piling is difficult and expensive. Deep mass pads tend to be of two types, one being constructed up to high level using a basic cross-section and the other using a reduced and shuttered cross-section for the upper levels (see Fig. 9.14).

An alternative to concrete for the upper reduced crosssection is to construct a brick pier off the mass concrete pad (see Fig. 9.15). This solution has the advantage of avoiding the need for expensive shuttering and can result in an overall saving. If brickwork is adopted it is necessary that the pad size provides the necessary working space for the bricklayers to build the pier.

Fig. 9.14 Deep mass concrete pad.

Fig. 9.15 Deep mass concrete pad with brick pier.

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