Monday, December 3, 2012

Dry Method of Construction - Drilled Pier Foundations.

The dry method is applicable to soil and rock that are above the water table and that will not cave or slump when the hole is drilled to its full depth. The soil that meets this requirement is a homogeneous, stiff clay. The first step in making the hole is to position the equipment at the desired location and to select the appropriate drilling tools. Fig. 17.6(a) gives the initial location. The drilling is next carried out to its fill depth with the spoil from the hole removed simultaneously.

After drilling is complete, the bottom of the hole is underreamed if required. Fig. 17.6(b) and (c) show the next steps of concreting and placing the rebar cage. Fig 17.6(d) shows the hole completely filled with concrete.

Figure 17.6 Dry method of construction: (a) initiating drilling, (b) starting concrete
pour, (c) placing rebar cage, and (d) completed shaft (O'Neill and Reese, 1999)

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