Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Foundation design in collapsible soil is a very difficult task. The results from laboratory or field tests can be used to predict the likely settlement that may occur under severe conditions. In many cases, deep foundations, such as piles, piers etc, may be used to transmit foundation loads to deeper bearing strata below the collapsible soil deposit. In cases where it is feasible to support the structure on shallow foundations in or above the collapsing soils, the use of continuous strip footings may provide a more economical and safer foundation than isolated footings (Clemence and Finbarr, 1981). Differential settlements between columns can be minimized, and a more equitable distribution of stresses may be achieved with the use of strip footing design as shown in Fig. 18.7 (Clemence and Finbarr, 1981).

Figure 18.7 Continuous footing design with load-bearing beams for collapsible soil
(after Clemence and Finbarr, 1981)

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