Friday, December 14, 2012

Group One – Strip and Pad Foundations.

Strip footings and pad bases are used to deliver and spread superstructure loads over a suitable area at foundation  (formation) level. The foundation is required to be stiff enough to distribute the loadings onto the sub-strata in a uniform manner.

1 Strip footings  Strip footings are used under relatively uniform point loads or line loads. The main structural function of the strip is  to disperse the concentration of load sideways into an increased width of sub-strata in order to reduce the bearing stress and....

2 Masonry strips  Masonry strips are rarely used these days, however they can be adopted where good quality sub-strata exists and the raw materials for masonry construction are cheap and abundant. The wall is increased in width by corbelling out the masonry to...

3 Concrete strips – plain and reinforced
4 Concrete trench fill
5 Stone trench fill
6 Rectangular beam strips
7 Inverted T beam strips
8 Pad bases
9 Shallow mass concrete pads
10 Shallow reinforced concrete pads
11 Deep reinforced concrete pads
12 Deep mass concrete pads
13 Balanced pad foundations
14 Rectangular balanced pad foundations
15 Trapezoidal balanced pad foundations
16 Holed balanced pad foundations
17 Cantilever balanced pad foundations

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