Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inverted T Beam Strips.

The inverted T beam strip fulfils the same function as the rectangular beam strip but the cross-section is modified to an inverted T so that the flanges reduce the contact pressure on the ground (see Fig. 9.9).

Fig. 9.9 Inverted beam strip.


  1. I have a land in which has water when its dig 3 ft. if dig for 36 ft the soil report says silty sand. upon to this what type foundation is better..? A T type foundadtion is better...?

  2. I have a land if digged for 2ft it get water & digged further 36ft has silty sand.
    Also in front of land (60 to 75ft) a canel is passing through. If I want to build a Two storied house in my land.Which foundation will suit(Cost effective way)...?