Monday, January 7, 2013

Steel Piles - Description.

Steel piles, like timber, are driven by percussion means and have a variety of suitable cross-sections. In addition to the common sheet piles, the three main types are H sections, box piles and tube piles. Typical sections are shown in Fig. 9.39.

The main use of steel piles is for temporary works, retaining walls and marine structures. The problem of corrosion of the steel can be overcome by suitable protection. However, account should be taken of the abrasion during driving on the final performance of such protection/coatings. In addition to coating, increased metal thickness and cathodic protection may be appropriate for particular locations and conditions. Detailed information on these aspects along with detailed information on steel piles and piling is outside the scope of this book due to their limited use in structural foundations.

Fig. 9.39 Typical steel pile cross-sections.

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