Monday, July 15, 2013

Deck Coating - Sheet systems

While they do not fit the description of a deck coating per se, there are balcony and deck waterproofing systems that are available in sheet materials that provide waterproofing capabilities. There are a variety of systems available, including those that require the sheet embedded in a trowel- or spray-applied acrylic or resin material, and those that are act as a complete system.

The latter is a vinyl product, similar to a typical interior vinyl flooring product with the exception that the product is improved to withstand exterior weathering and of course water infiltration. The system is vulnerable for leakage at the seams, following the 90%/1% principle. If seaming is adequately addressed, including the necessary vertical turn-ups, the product can be an effective barrier system. These systems make excellent candidates for remedial application, as they can hide considerably more substrate imperfections than the liquid systems discussed previously. These systems can also be applied to wood substrates and make excellent choices for residential applications including apartment projects.

Many systems combine the properties of the liquid-applied systems with sheet good reinforcing for “belt and suspenders” protection. The limiting factor is cost, as the more material and layers a system requires for effectiveness, the more the final in-place cost rises. Table 3.20 summaries the advantages and disadvantages of using sheet systems for waterproofing applications.
Sheet Systems

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