Monday, January 13, 2014



1  Cable roof structure

2  Parabolic cable by graphic method

  Draw AB and AC (tangents of cable at supports)
  Divide tangents AB and AC into equal segments
  Lines connecting AB to AC define parabolic cable envelop

3 Cable profile

  Define desired cable sag f (usually f = L/10)
  Define point A at 2f below midpoint of line BC
  AB and AC are tangents of parabolic cable at supports
  Compute total load W = w L

4  Equilibrium vector polygon at supports (force scale: 1” = 50 k)
  Draw vertical vector (total load W)
  Draw equilibrium polygon W-Tl-Tr
  Draw equilibrium polygons at left support Tl-H-Rl
  Draw equilibrium polygons at right support Tr-Rr-H
  Measure vectors H, Rl, Rr at force scale

Note:  This powerful method finds five unknowns: H, RI, Rr. Tl. Tr The maximum cable force is at the highest support

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